Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Paris Lectures on Canadian Mountain Studies Features UAP Author PearlAnn Reichwein
WP_20160617_10_39_43_Pro[1]In Paris, historian PearlAnn Reichwein gave an international lecture on Canadian Mountain Studies on July 1. Her plenary address to the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES) annual congress meeting focused on the topic “Climber’s Paradise and Canada’s Mountain Parks: Adventure and Conservation in the 20th Century and Beyond.” In it she explored the history of Canada’s national mountaineering club and broader issues of national park and conservation history as it relates to global sustainability. “Physical educators, recreation, sport, and tourism all have a role to play understanding mountains and sustainability,” she stated. “With the largest national park system in the world, Canada has much knowledge to share but also needs to rethink its current directions for the future.”
“People are interested to hear more about nature, outdoor pursuits, and what Canada has to contribute, in so many ways, to further international discussion,” said Reichwein, an associate professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. “I was delighted to spend Canada Day talking about Canadian Mountain Studies in Paris with colleagues from around the world. We have a lot to share in conversations about mountains around the world.”

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